We chose the symbol of the vidalia onion in celebration of our southern roots. From our open grill, flames can be seen as our chefs prepare menus inspired by southern ingredients with our own unique twist. We use traditional methods like open fire, grilling, brining, pickling and preserving. The Last Resort Grill has a long standing commitment to serving our local community the highest level of quality food and service but it is in the relationships with our guests and suppliers that truly distinguish our restaurant.


Since 1992, we have made a commitment to serving our local community and supporting the growth and preservation of Athens. We are very proud and grateful for the acceptance and loyalty of its residents. In turn, we do our best to give back by supporting charities and causes that enrich our neighborhoods and strengthen the bonds within our great city.


The original Last Resort opened as a music club in 1966. Those who can still remember the tunes of such passionate performers as the Reverend Pearly Brown, Towns Van Zandt, Doc Watson, Jimmy Buffett, and even Steve Martin may feel nostalgic at the mere mention of the club’s name. Today that passion is found in our menu and atmosphere, pulling directly from this room’s eclectic history.

Local Vendors

The flavors of our dishes extend from the farmers, growers and bakers that call Athens home. From freshly grown produce, to delicious cheesecakes from Blackbird Bakery, to trout sourced from North Georgia streams, our menu is a representation of our culinary community.