LRGreen Project

LRGreen Project is a community garden program that provides grants to community gardens, school gardens, and other educational programs that support the spirit of community that comes from nurturing a shared plot of land. It has a yearly grant total of $6,000.

Congratulations to our 2019 LRGreen Project Grant Recipients!

Athens Land Trust- $500

Whit Davis Elementary -$850

Athens Christian School – $1500

Athens Community Career Academy – $4000

Key Dates:

  • The application period opensĀ again in January 2020


Who can apply for community garden funds?

  • Public Schools
  • Private Charter Schools
  • Private Schools with 501c3 non-profit status
  • Established Community Gardens
  • Neighborhood Communities wishing to start a garden


Funds may be used to buy gardening tools, seeds, or other gardening supplies for edible gardens. Financial reporting is not required from participants.

Application Details:

Our online application form is located here. Please do not e-mail your application as we can only accept online submissions through the form.


Please consider the following points when drafting your application.

  • Who is the community that has access to your garden? Are their any educational opportunities?
  • If applicable, who will design your garden?
  • How is the tending of your garden organized?
  • How will your funds be used? A simple detailed budget is very helpful.

Still have questions about the application? Contact Us

Congratulations to our 2018 LRGreen Project Grant Recipients!

Athens Land Trust- $2500

Whit Davis Elementary -$1500

Career Academy Culinary Program – $2000